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The Public TV Ownership Portal: Reserve a Profitable Commercial TV Channel on Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire – Compete with Netflix, Paramount, Disney, CBS, ESPN, and More!


We help every day people get the greenlight for Network TV Channel Ownership

Broadcast a Prime channel on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Android TV, Unlimited Websites & Social Media

TV channels are currently needed for towns, sports, news, industries, business niches, worship, cooking, clubs, destinations, movies & shows, and more. Launch a single channel, a complete TV network platform, app, and have thousands pay you for granting them opportunity.


Don't let a third-party video platform control your future with their algorithms while taking a significant portion of your profits. It's time to take charge—OWN AND CONTROL YOUR PLATFORM AND DESTINY.

We're North
America's TV Network Builders

Launch one or a complete network of hundreds of TV channels.

Get approved on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon & Android TV.

Broadcast live like CBS plus stream on-demand like Netflix.

Your channel will be placed in prime network searches.

Manage your channel from one simple, easy to use dashboard.

Use the same type of automated playout system top networks use. 
➤ Distribute your channel across unlimited websites and devices.

Create TV content or have thousands pay you to broadcast theirs. ​
➤ 100% white-label looks like your own network TV company.

Beginner & professional packages starting at $399 - $100,000.

Launch a prime TV channel for your business, fitness, entertainment, religion, sports, cooking, travel, music, news, podcasts, hometowns, industries, and more. ​

Talk to a broadcast Pro.... NOT a salesperson.

Every day, broadcasters opt out of other platforms for the advanced features of the Satellite TV Feed only available at Television Syndication.


Stream using a broadcast playout system approved by top networks. It's a powerful cloud-based TV automation that syndicates your on-demand and live video content directly on Roku, Apple TV, Android, & Amazon Fire.

Stream pre-recorded videos seamlessly 24/7, inserting weather forecasts, promos, station IDs, break-ins, and commercials, go live, and then automatically switch back to your pre-recorded content. Blow people away with a TV station that broadcasts flawlessly, like CBS, NBC, and all the major TV networks in homes and businesses worldwide.

Zero Tech Skills are needed, be found in network searches, and earn unlimited profits. Are you looking to start your own white-label TV company and resell thousands of TV channels? Just ask.


Watch the video below to see how easy it is, with zero experience, to step into a career in TV channel ownership.

Start a Profitable TV Company, and Generate Unlimited
Wealth From a Hammock!​

Own a TV streaming service that's 100% Whitelabel to you. Easily manage hundreds of people's channels like Pluto or Roku, all paying you a recurring, passive income month after month. ​Be the one who gives others an opportunity.

person-working-with-floating-screens (2).jpg
Your branded TV channel or streaming platform will broadcast with the same technology that major networks use.

The Satellite TV Feed System features an advanced AI playout automation system that broadcasts 1080p & 4K recorded video with the ability to automatically insert commercials, weather reports, promos, identifiers, or any creative content you can dream up.​ Break in "live" anytime, then seamlessly switch back to a programmed playlist. 100% cloud-based, NO bulky local computers, expensive equipment to buy, no tech skills needed, no headache learning curve, and zero complicated hardware specs.​  ​​​

Our channels are found in the same prime-install searches as Netflix, CBS, Fox, ESPN, and all other top TV networks.

Our channels are found in the same prime-install searches as Netflix, CBS, Fox, ESPN, and all other top TV networks.

Simulcast your
content to all major TV networks, websites and social media,

both on-demand, like Netflix, and live, like CBS, directly to Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Android TV, and unlimited websites.

TV Screens

Simple Drag & Drop
AI Playout Video Scheduling


You're eliminating 90% of your potential audience if you are only offering on-demand video.

On-demand isn't practical for busy people & inside business establishments because no one has time to keep choosing another video after one ends. ​ We provide powerful automation to deliver a seamless "recorded content live streaming experience" to your audience, 100% cloud-based like CBS & ABC. This is a professional cloud based system and will not work with downloaded or stolen Youtube videos. MP4 video bitrates, sizes and fps must be consistent. This is how network TV stations also broadcast.


If your videos are in various formats we have other options that will work on your local computer.

The World's Fastest Growing Community of Agencies and Broadcast Professionals

 The Satellite TV Feed, the world's leading automated video feed reaching viewers all over the world.

The Satellite TV Feed, connects directly to all OTT & CTV search engines enabling viewers to discover you.​​​​

 Easily create an on-demand video center similar to Netflix, broadcast scheduled playlists 24/7 like CBS or NBC with the ability to insert weather, station IDs, news break-ins, and so much more completely automated.​ Perfect for business videos, films, documentaries, learning & training, video podcasts, news, sports, and anything you can dream up.

Grow an audience by airing promotional announcements for your TV channel on our partner networks. Networks include History Channel, Fox News, Lifetime, Comedy Central, Nat Geo, VH1, MLB, MTV, ESPN, Hallmark, Food Network, AMC Paramount, HGTV Go, Fox Business, Pluto, Newsy, Filmrise, Lifetime, TNT, True Crime and over 400 prime TV channels.

Once your TV channel launches and you build an audience national agencies may pay you to advertise their advertisers to your viewers. ​

Generate a passive income by offering viewers online subscriptions and pay-per-views. Available online, Apple TV and Amazon Fire.

Own as many TV channels as you wish across The Satellite TV Feed with unlimited video storage based on your selected plan. ​

Be found in the exact searches as Netflix, ABC, CBS, Hallmark & all networks.

Offer viewers the ultimate experience with a native plus Andriod & IOS app.

The Satellite TV Feed is 100% white label to your brand

We feature affordable à la carte custom-made plans for every level broadcaster. From local businesses, to film creators to major broadcast companies. The Satellite TV Feed is the all-in-one automated broadcast solution.

Unlike amateur platforms, video quality is NEVER downgraded, advertised on, or show suggested competitor videos.

Own your own profitable whitelabel TV business and have clients pay you month after month.

Want to Start a Business? We offer 100% White Label Scalable Turn-Key Options for TV Start-Up Companies

I started a TV company and had 12 clients who had live TV stations broadcasting out of my home studio. I was running these stations off of OBS on 12 separate computers. I ran out of room and could no longer scale and grow. Never mind, the electricity costs were out of control.

When I started using The Satellite TV Feed Automation System, I could not only shut off the 12 computers but also got rid of them. Now I'm up to 35 clients, and all my TV stations broadcast live from the cloud. Here's a picture of part of my studio from when it was operating.

I had computers everywhere! I can't believe this is how I used to do it. Television Syndication and The Satellite TV Feed Automation System have helped me turn my passion into a real business. I can't stop recommending this to everyone.

RC , TMN No clunky playout system or computers are needed. Start a profitable and unlimited TV Business from anywhere with ZERO equipment.

​Watch the video below to learn how we make the impossible possible and help everyday people create automated TV that competes with top TV Networks.


Have an Idea? Apply For Network TV Channel Ownership Today.​

Television Syndication News


Fantastic news! This month brings a warm welcome to The Texas Country Music Awards, and the scenic Beaufort County, South Carolina, is now available for streaming on Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire through Television Syndication's Satellite TV Feed. This move ensures a broader audience can enjoy the Texas Country Music Awards and explore the beauty of Beaufort County conveniently on popular streaming platforms. It aligns with the modern trend of digital content consumption, providing viewers with accessible and engaging entertainment options.


Featured Channel Spotlights

The Acadia Channel, the fifth-largest national park in the United States located in Maine, continues to attract viewers. Additionally, The Worldwide Music Network has expanded its reach to Brazil and France. Welcoming the latest videos from Beck, Ringo Starr, and Doja Cat adds a dynamic range of content, enhancing the viewing experience for audiences. These developments signify the channel's growing international presence and diverse entertainment offerings.


Television Syndication and all our client channels are now approved to broadcast on Video Business Cards.

Join us here.

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