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Waterside Mansion

Stop thinking about it and do it! Build generational wealth by jumping into the biggest broadcast shift in a generation.

We provide the most cutting-edge turnkey TV platform builder available. Transform a million-dollar broadcast system into your own effortlessly

  1. White Label: We offer a 100% custom-branded platform so you can establish your own identity in the market.

  2. Grant Opportunity: Offer unlimited channels to small broadcasters and larger media companies.

  3. Keep Control: Operating your empire master command center is a valuable feature, as it streamlines management and monitoring.

  4. Individual Client Access: To maintain privacy and security, clients can only access their channel and not your main dashboard.

  5. Payment Options: Set up your billing under your brand for competitive advantage.

  6. Payment Management: Easily turn channels on and off for non-payment.

  7. Professional Services: Offer all of Television Syndication's services under your brand—even our support.

  8. Converting Website: Receive a custom-branded sales website to convert customers effectively.

  9. No Revenue Sharing: Keep 100% of generated revenue.

  10. Technical Support: Providing robust technical support to clients under your business name.

  11. Marketing and Training: We give you the marketing resources and training to ensure success.

  12. Community Channels "Community Uploader" or content submission portal. This portal allows users, often referred to as content contributors or community members, to submit their content to the specific channel. This way, channel owners can effectively manage a community of contributors while restricting who has access to their main dashboard.


Watch the video to learn why you need to jump into network ownership now.


Own a TV Company and have partner networks helping you succeed...

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