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We find our clients' stories very inspiring. Some started broadcasting out of homes, garages, trailers, and in the most unlikely places. Now they dominate in the exciting world of TV Channel ownership. The TV channels below are all automated and stream 24/7 live from the cloud, using our advanced Live-Namic playout system. The TV channels are operated by everyday people who have a vision and make it happen.


Travel With The State of Maine's 

"The Acadia Channel"

Television Syndication in association with Dobbs Productions, The Acadia Channel is the official TV station for Acadia National Park, Maine. Acadia is a beautiful place and is ranked 5th as the most visited national park in the USA. The TV channel offers an entertaining way for people to stay up to date with tourist information and current events. The channel gives viewers and fans on-demand and beams live 24/7 programming across Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and online.Join The Acadia Channel Live Broadcast Direct From Roku & Apple TV & Amazon Fire Below


The Worldwide Smash Hit

" The Music Network"

The Music Network continues to dominate internationally in 17 plus countries. The channel's fanbase continues to grow substantially after launching "live" 24/7. Due to its popularity, Apple TV has added it to its lineup, and now it has become an outlet for major record labels & artists. An interesting fact: The Music Network has never been advertised and has grown 100% by word of mouth and by viewer discovery. The Music Network started broadcasting from a garage in CT in the early days of OTT. It grows with loyal viewers daily.


Enjoy CT
Politics From The Inside Out

CT Politics focuses on politics in CT and daily headlines. The channel is automated 24/7 and has a live feel but is only actually live 2-3 hours per-day. The channel gives viewers and fans on-demand and beams live 24/7 programming across Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and online.

Contact us now to own a TV channel like CT Politics.


Southington TV

As cities & towns across America implement community TV stations, one stands out as an overachiever. Southington, CT has pulled together and developed a great TV station full of fantastic content, featuring community events and documentaries while generating revenue for local business owners. The TV channel's success is due to a few local citizens who have stepped up and have become local TV heroes. We salute you!

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Iceman TV

For as long as there have been golfers, there have been those who measure success and golf ability not by what one scores, but by how far one hits the ball. The International Long Drive Championship Series is an exciting 26 episode “Made for Television” golf series profiling the world’s most powerful hitters and long ball teams, in an internationally sanctioned and approved competition format. Look for Iceman on the FOX.


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